3PL, Warehousing & Supply Chain

3PL, Warehousing & Supply Chain

Contract Logistics plays an important role in today's supply chain operations. Whether you are looking for space for durations very short, or you are looking to park your consignments with a bigger business agenda in mind, we have the right warehouse distribution management that can cater to your business needs.

Through our warehousing & distribution systems, we help you deliver your promises. We are a highly mature 3PL service provider who can help you with technical knowhow, technology solutions, innovative methods and cost-effective options. Rich with tons of experience handling movement of goods across suppliers, vendors & clients, NTC Logistics can help you leverage the best end-to-end logistics solutions. Our warehousing & distribution operations can facilitate in the process of a successful and profitable engagement with your clients, the world over.

Our 360* Supply Chain Solutions

We listen to your business strategies, know your goals, study your competition and map your profitability byway. We ensure that the best networking and industry experts are available to handle any kind of industrial manufacturing distribution. We provide best solutions that can centralize inventory control and improve accuracy of warehouse inventory. Through our warehousing services we can reduce cycle times & costs, and overall inventories. This increases the utility value of your goods and helps you place the right product at the right time.

Our Credentials
  • State-of-the-art storage facility that is secured 24x7 through manual and automated surveillance.
  • Storage, distribution, inventory management and KPI monitoring.
  • Compliant with statutory and safety norms
  • Dedicated or multiuser facilities
  • Strategic location advantage - Anytime access for vehicles.
  • Dedicated and experienced staff that specializes in 3PL management.

Superior Services That We Offer
  • Fully automated warehouse & inventory management.
  • Facility management.
  • End-to-end transportation and logistics.
  • Additional storage space can be made available within short notice.

Major Benefits You Derive

Economic benefits through efficient operations

We ensure you save through our proven consolidation and accumulation operations. Our consolidation operations cut outbound delivery expenses for your business and your customers. Items are delivered to a central warehouse, packaged and shipped back. Our accumulation operations ensure that our warehouse acts as a buffer efficiently balancing the supply and demand dynamics for short and long-term storage.

Central location

We provide the central location for receiving, storing and distribution of products. As and when inbound shipment arrives, our warehouse managers take the responsibility to transfer the goods efficiently - identify, sort and dispatch goods to the locations for storage. When the consignments are outbound, the orders are retrieved, grouped & consolidated, packaged and dispatched to the destination.

Value Additions

We carry out the following operations within the warehouse structure to add value to our services.

  • Order consolidation, product mixing, cross-docking
  • Kitting, palletization, shrink-wrapping, packing, sticker-work, barcoding.
  • Multi-client system that can handle different kinds of commodities.
  • Open storage area in all major ports