Chartering & Break-bulk

Chartering & Break-bulk


We offer innovative and reliable charter solutions for your cargo transportation. We can help you with time charter or voyage basis for short or long term contracts. From staging area to stow-on-board to delivery on site across the world, we can handle any complicated project shipment for you. We can analyze, plan and execute complex stowage of your cargo from start to finish and release survey reports for all activities.

Our charter services include:
  • Spot & consecutive voyage
  • COA
  • Trip time charter
  • Cargo and ship coverage
  • Negotiation & conclusion
  • Charter party clause documentation
  • Market and freight enquiry
  • Ocean cargo insurance


Our dry bulk and break bulk services include handling & shipping oversized cargo that needs to be transported for specific highly valued projects. We can handle challenging projects that involve heavy lift cargo shipments used in wind mill transportation, power sector equipment, oil & gas, construction & engineering, infrastructure, automotive and plant & machinery.

With extensive experience in specialized shipment handling, we have acquired an excellent reputation. We have shipped various wind mill equipment such as towers, nacelles, hubs and blades. We also ship cargoes that include steel, steel beams and steel pipes. We also deal with transportation of animal feeds, ores, coal, bagged grains, cement, fertilizers, wood, steel & coils and IMO coded-cargoes. Your cargo can be broken into groups for easy loading with available equipment ashore.

Our highly qualified and experienced break-bulk cargo services experts understand the complexities of the break-bulk cargo segment and can work out the most economical freight rates for you.

Our bulk shipping services include:
  • Vessel arrangements
  • Cargo damage and claims management
  • Tally & supervision of cargo
  • Lashing & Latching services
  • Cargo loading & unloading alongside vessels