People & Training

People & Training

Managing Human Capital @ NTC

Human capital is gaining attention in the evolving global economy. The key focus is on transparency, profitability and innovation through human resource management that can increase visibility in national and international marketplace. India's National Skill Development Corporation [NSDC] report on workforce requirement in India's booming logistics, transportation, warehousing and packaging industries observes that around 11.7 million could be absorbed by these industries by 2022.

The emergence of global 3PL players can pave way for an organized approach towards logistics activities by the end of 2016. Rising investments, rapidly evolving regulatory policies, large infrastructure projects and various other developments have enabled the logistics industry to look out for more human resources. There is emphasis on designing manpower policies and logistics-centric planning to attract more talent in the ever-expanding logistics & transportation domain.

We at NTC Logistics pride in calling ourselves a people-centric organization with focus on

  • Recruitment of talented employees.
  • Strategies to achieve organization goals through effective utilization of human resources.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • A bigger bottom line.

Human resources management in NTC has evolved over time with changing industry standards.

Today we ensure that we

  • Clearly define desired results for each individual.
  • Design policies and procedures with realistic & achievable goals in mind.
  • Map available resources such as personnel and budget.
  • Establish ownership, accountability and responsibility [OAR] for every individual
  • Support and showcase the individual's performance towards organization's goals.
  • Engage in a two-way communication process at all times.
  • Increase the frequency of review of performances.

The development process

  • Our development process is always aligned with the organization's goals. It majorly focuses on three most essential performance drivers.
  • Learning skills.
  • Practicing the skills.
  • Knowledge repository - Sharing of knowledge among all levels.

Training @ NTC Logistics

Modern day logistics business challenges necessitate NTC Logistics to make decisions on the front foot. While technology, talent acquisition and culture can pose huge challenges, training & development has a direct impact on the organization's goals and achievements. We invest heavily in training & development [T&D] in order to stay ahead of the competition. Our strategic initiatives in T&D include training employees to assist them handle present day challenges and develop skills to motivate them for future roles.

NTC takes pride in providing the right environment and resources for T&D. We
  • Establish well-defined JD that helps us focus on right training packages.
  • Develop right training packages based on knowledge, skills and capabilities that will be required to face the challenges of the future
  • Foster everyday learning opportunities
  • Discuss alignment of organization's goals and employee's T&D.
  • Ensure that employees are happy and satisfied with T&D programs.

Our T&D initiatives include

  • Performance management.
  • Management development programs.
  • Supervisory development programs.
  • Emerging leader training programs.
  • Executive development programs.
  • New employee orientation programs.
  • Engineering & Labor-intensive training programs.
  • Customer management programs.
  • Succession planning programs.
  • Career development counseling and planning.
  • Assessment support and solutions programs.
  • Culture & communications management programs.
  • Teambuilding and group activities.
  • Recruitment & Retention initiatives.
  • Behavior, mentoring and stress management programs.
  • On-job challenge management.
  • Time & Negotiation management.
  • Success toolbox and smart-work culture.