Q&EHS – Quality & Safety Culture

QEHS [Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety] remains our top priority, and a core value in the way we operate. Our goal is to have zero preventable injuries and no incidents that harm our employees or contractors or put our facilities at risk. We continually work to improve the safety of our employees and our facilities.

However, we experienced consignment damages / injuries that reinforced the need to stay vigilant and refocus on the personnel safety of our operations. We also investigate all consignment damages, injuries, first aids and near misses to learn lessons that can help us improve our safety performance. We manage safety through rigorous documented processes and procedures. We have a set of standards in place that all our operations must follow. These procedures cover the areas of quality, health, safety, and the environment. Everyone working in the organization, must follow our safety rules, and are empowered to intervene in unsafe situations.

Quality & Safety are Perpetual Exercises

Establishing quality & safety has always been our priority and is a perpetual process. It is a continuous exercise that should aim at improvements throughout the calendar. Process safety is also of critical importance because it helps ensure that our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly maintained.

For both new and existing operations, we continue to make progress by

  • implifying and standardizing our requirements for process safety
  • Evaluating the risks, and rapidly addressing any concerns

For the purpose of quality & safety assurance, regular internal audits are also carried out. Standardised checks are performed with the specially developed Q&EHS Audit Tool, and corrective/preventive measures & improvement processes are initiated where appropriate.