Windmill Equipment Logistics

Windmill Equipment Logistics

In the renewable energy space, NTC is the world’s largest wind and solar energy logistics player. NTC has been pioneers in moving renewable energy equipment such as windmill blades, nacelle, windmill towers, in the last couple of decades. NTC has designed and fabricated trailers to accommodate varying lengths of wind blades, and has evolved in the process.

In 2001, NTC started conducting a great deal of Research & Development (R&D) and customized vehicles at their own facilities to handle longer blades and other heavy & ODC components in the niche segment. The long history of wind blade movement commenced with the first successful movement of 23.5 m blade. Subsequently NTC pressed into service the hydraulic modular trailer with self-designed bolster system to move wind blades.

Over a period of time, the blade length increased and today we are transporting blades of 56 meters length - the longest as of now in India. NTC has also been successfully moving double blades [using the dolly trailer] besides moving double nacelles (two nacelles in single vehicle).

Thanks to NTC's continuous R&D efforts, we have fabricated Quad & Penta axles and obtained the Govt., of India Gazette notification for the fabrications. Incidentally, we are the first to obtain Gazette notification for extendable trailers, after four years of persistent efforts.

Wind Blade Adapter

NTC acquired the wind blade adapter in Jan 2017. This is an initiative of NTC towards adding value to the whole Indian wind power industry with a view to offer safer, faster and cost-effective transportation of windmill blades across any terrain.

Multimodal movements in renewable space

NTC is capable of successful executions of multimodal coastal movements of renewable energy equipment. The maiden multimodal coastal movement of renewable energy equipment took place in January 2017. This movement consisted of 35 units of nacelles and 35 units of hubs from Chennai to Kandla Port. The shipment included 100 tons of nacelles that required a heavy lift vessel to hook and hoist.